IMF’s recent engagements on infrastructure governance

Public-Private Partnership Unit and Public Fiscal Risk Assessment Model (PFRAM) Training January 2020
Improving Surveillance of Public-Private Partnerships December 2020
Public Investment Management Assessment (PIMA) September 2022
Climate PIMA (C-PIMA) September 2022
Strengthening Fiscal Risk Management of PPPs March 2023



Summary of PIMA report

(Published in April 2024)


The recent pick-up in public investment in Egypt is reversing a long-term decline. Further growth is expected as the authorities continue the construction of the new administrative capital and other new cities, the development of health infrastructure supporting the universal health insurance scheme, and the Hayah Karima initiative to provide infrastructure in rural areas. Egypt’s investment needs are compounded by rapid population growth, with 20 million people added during 2011–2020 and another 20 million expected during 2021–30. In addition, climate change will require sustained public investment both to mitigate its impacts and to adapt the infrastructure to new challenges.


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